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double sides automatic labeling machine

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1. double-sided automatic labeling machine is suitable for double-sided or single-sided labeling of square or flat objects.

2. the plastic belt can be tilted, and the header can be adjusted in six dimensions. any product can be adjusted within a few minutes.

3. the pressure between the driving shaft and the pressure roller can be adjusted, which can make the label paper travel direction arbitrarily adjusted, instead of ordinary elastic compression, the label runs "as it is"

4. the label output head adopts a double pressing roller structure to ensure that the label paper is tightened and avoid label breakage caused by die-cutting damage to the bottom paper. the segmented clutch makes the tension more balanced.

5. full chinese operation interface, random help system, operators can use it after a little training, the pressure belt is connected with the gear of the main machine, ensuring the absolute synchronization of the two conveyor belts without any adjustment.

6. optional lrd6100 label sensor, suitable for all roll-type self-adhesive trademarks, label replacement without any adjustment.

7. the host adopts the famous factory servo motor to realize true closed-loop control, avoiding the "blind walking" phenomenon of ordinary stepping motors, high-precision subdivision, built-in absolute encoder, all of which are designed to improve accuracy. acceleration and brake gain can be set by computer. "only the subtleties can see the true work", we have all considered thoroughly after more than ten years of experience accumulation, tens of thousands of product attempts, and more than 60 factors that can affect the accuracy of labeling.

8. after more than ten years of research and improvement by our senior designers, this model has greatly reduced the mechanical structure, just as everyone knows: "the simpler, the more reliable." on the basis of the process, all the parts that are easily misunderstood, such as excessively exaggerated transmission, decorative support adjustment, etc., are removed, so that this machine truly achieves "simple but not simple, complex but not cumbersome, clear outline but without losing connotation". this is what we all really pursue.

9. adopt a specially designed shaping mechanism to ensure the accurate positioning of the object to be labeled and achieve accurate labeling.

10. the multi-channel synchronizer design can automatically detect the accurate positioning of the object to be labeled to achieve accurate labeling.

11. the label is flattened by a scraper, pressed by an unpowered sponge roller, and squeezed by a powered sponge roller to complete one labeling without any bubbles. it is especially suitable for transparent labels on frosted bottles.