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rotary round bottle labeling machine

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◆ suitable for positioning and non-positioning labeling of round bottles, bottom or side positioning.

◆ roulette type feeding, high-precision cam divider drive, 8 stations operation.

◆ servo motor drive, realizing true closed-loop control, high-precision subdivision, built-in absolute encoder, meeting high-speed and high-precision positioning.

◆ the label output head adopts a double pressing roller structure to ensure that the label is tightened and avoid label breakage caused by die-cutting damage to the bottom paper. the segmented clutch makes the tension more balanced.

◆ the six-dimensional space adjustment of the header, powerful and flexible adjustment ability, accurate labeling of any product can be adjusted within a few minutes.

◆ advanced and friendly man-machine interface system, operating parameters can be stored and recalled, fault prompts and help information, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and workers can operate with a little training.