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top and bottom automatic labeling machine

specially used for labeling the upper and lower surfaces of objects, with unique multi-sided labeling function; the perfect design of the whole machine, high-performance control and detection system, ensure fast and accurate labeling, man-machine interface operation, chinese and english conversion, and more random the help system makes you truly worry-free.

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1. this machine is suitable for multi-sided labeling on the top, bottom and sides of flat products, using roll labels.

2. the labeling head adopts the high-precision servo motor of a famous factory to control the labeling

3. the control system adopts siemens plc, equipped with famous factory touch screen, bilingual operation interface in chinese and english.

4. the labeling head is easy to adjust, and the labeling speed and conveying speed can be tracked synchronously.

5. the unique entrainment structure ensures stable and accurate labeling of products.

6. conveyor line speed, belt pressing speed and label output speed can all be set and controlled on the touch screen.

7. lrd6100 label sensor is optional, suitable for all roll-type self-adhesive labels.