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case study: shrink sleeve or sticker labeling?
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date: 2018-05-09
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case study: shrink sleeve or sticker labeling?machine.2.the same dimension of labels (about 2 times higher).the energy consumption has been reduced.sales: improved.brand image: optimized.

case study: shrink sleeve or sticker labeling?


you may have the impression that shrink sleeve labeling is less expensive than sticker labeling.

let us analyze the cost from a comprehensive angle. 


1.     energy consumption: the heating tunnel for shrinking consumes more electricity than sticker labeling machine.

2.     labeling result: shrink sleeve labeling is not satisfactory all the time. a client of shallpack used shrink sleeve labeling but the result was not very good, thus not well accepted by the appearance-judging consumers. the client changed the sticker labeling and the sales increased immediately.


3.    label cost: the cost of the sleeve labels is less expensive than the sticker labels, if you calculate the same dimension of labels (about 2 times higher). but if you reduce the dimension of the sticker label, you do not necessarily need to increase the cost of labels.

to reduce the label cost, the client uses 2 labels and has the back label smaller than the front one. by making efforts on the label design, you can save money if you choose sticker labeling.


4.    outcome:

cost: the label cost increases a bit, but the energy consumption has been reduced.

sales: improved.

brand image: optimized. 



sticker labeling is not necessarily more expensive than shrink labeling. it helps you promote your brand and makes your products more popular in the market.